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Thank you to everyone for a very successful event!


"The integration of "Faith, Work, and Wages" provided clarity about how our faith values inform quality of care for workers and sustainable compensation for their labor.  The outstanding conference based on that theme allowed participants to connect the high cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area to the actual salaries of workers who perform much needed tasks.  We also projected the kinds of jobs that will be available and wages that will be paid in the next few years.  We were reminded of the importance to ensure workers have the opportunity to organize and determine their working conditions.  We were encouraged by the findings that indicate increased wages benefit everyone, including business and industry.  When workers are paid sustainable incomes quality of life improves and the economy is strengthened.  There is no significant down side to paying workers wages that afford them housing, food, healthcare, and the ability to meet their basic needs.  When we practice our faith, we support sustainable wages for workers." - Rev. Dr. Art Cribbs





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